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What is Lawn Aeration? How to Breathe Life into Your Lawn

A thriving lawn isn’t just about regular mowing and watering; it’s about ensuring your grass can absorb the good things it needs to stay healthy. In lawn care, one essential practice stands out: Lawn Aeration. Lawn aeration is the process of perforating the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the roots. 

Over time, the soil in our lawns can become compacted, hindering the free flow of essential elements. Southern Louisiana lawns are notorious for compacted soil, and aeration is especially beneficial because it breaks them up to promote a healthier root system and overall vitality. Aeration is like giving your lawn a breath of fresh air. Fertilizer and weed control are the base of a good lawn program, but aeration is a real game-changer and the next step for those who take their lawn health seriously. There are two different ways to do it, but doing both is even better. 

Liquid Aeration: A Revolutionary Approach

At Treppendahl Landscape, we take a modern and effective approach to aeration with our liquid aeration service. This innovative solution involves applying a liquid formula that penetrates deep into the soil, creating fractures and channels for improved water and nutrient absorption. Liquid aeration is a standard part of our comprehensive lawn treatment services in Baton Rouge, offering a convenient and efficient way to enhance your lawn’s health. Liquid aeration can bring a good yard to the next level, but it will not dramatically improve soil structure on a heavily compacted lawn. That’s where core aeration comes in. 

Core Aeration: Targeting Compacted Soil

For lawns facing particularly stubborn compaction issues, we offer core aeration as an add-on service. This method involves the removal of small plugs, or cores, of soil from the lawn, creating space for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grasses’ roots. We also leave behind small “pellets,” which break down within a week or two, enriching the soil. Core aeration is especially beneficial in areas with dense clay soils, heavy foot traffic, or new construction. In a recent study, core aeration increased grass root volume by 120% over 1 growing season. The control group grew at 5%.

Why Aeration Matters: The Benefits for Your Lawn
Enhanced Water Absorption: A study by UGA shows that with N-Ext Air-8™ liquid aeration, you can achieve a 6% improvement in your soil’s ability to reduce surface tension, allowing for more efficient water absorption. This means your lawn can stay hydrated with less water, leading to a more robust and drought-resistant turf.

Robust Root Growth: The same study showed that using N-Ext Air-8™ grants a 63% increase in root mass, or even an astounding 185% boost when combined with soil and plant formula N-Ext RGS™. A stronger root system equates to a healthier, greener lawn that can stand up to the challenges of nature.

Addressing Yard Drainage in Baton Rouge

In addition to promoting healthier grass, aeration is crucial in addressing yard drainage issues. Compacted soil contributes to poor drainage, leading to waterlogged areas and potential damage to your lawn. A well-aerated yard allows water to infiltrate the soil more effectively, preventing issues associated with overwatering or heavy rainfall. N-Ext Air-8™ liquid aeration improves water infiltration rate by 19%. This efficiency ensures that every drop counts, contributing to a deeper, more extensive root system and a lush, vibrant lawn.

Treppendahl Landscape: Your Partner in Comprehensive Lawn Care

With the area’s high rainfall and tough clay soils, Baton Rouge lawns benefit from regular aeration, and achieving the best results requires precision and expertise. This is where Treppendahl Landscape comes in as your trusted guide. Our science-based approach to lawn care encompasses aeration as a fundamental practice, allowing us to tailor our services to the unique needs of your lawn. We proudly utilize both mechanical core aeration and liquid aeration with N-Ext RGS™ to ensure our treatments are as effective as possible. 

Contact Treppendahl Landscape today for lawn care near me in Baton Rouge. From aeration to comprehensive lawn treatment services, we are your trusted partner in creating a lawn that thrives in every season.

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