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How to Get Rid of Fire Ants and Harmful Insects in Your Yard

Battling fire ants and other harmful insects can be quite a chore, especially in our region, where the warm, moist springs provide the perfect breeding ground. Did you know each fire ant mound in your yard could be home to up to 100,000 ants? At Treppendahl Landscape, we strategically keep these pests in check with lawn ant treatment, ensuring your outdoor spaces are safe and enjoyable.

Understanding the Threat

Fire ants aren’t just annoying—they’re harmful. Their bites can be painful and may even trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. These pests disrupt your outdoor activities and risk your family’s safety. That’s why using fire ant control in the yard is critical to address this problem swiftly and efficiently.

The Limitations of Common Treatments

Many available fire ant treatments, like baits and poisons, provide only short-term relief. These methods might temporarily reduce the fire ant population, but they fail to deliver lasting control, often leading to re-infestation.

The Treppendahl Advantage

At Treppendahl Landscape, we use Topchoice, a professional-grade product that provides one year of fire ant protection. You can’t just pick it up at the store—it requires a Certified Applicator to handle it, ensuring safe and effective use. A single application of Topchoice manages existing colonies and prevents new ones from forming, offering you long-term peace of mind.

Broader Pest Control

Topchoice does more than just target fire ants. It also controls mole crickets for four months, nuisance ants for three months, and offers a month of protection against fleas and ticks. This makes it a comprehensive solution for various insect issues in your yard.

Application and Safety

We apply Topchoice with precision using professional equipment, ensuring thorough coverage. As Certified Applicators, our team follows strict safety protocols, ensuring the treatment for fire ants in the yard is safe for your family and the environment.

Treppendahl’s Pollinator-Friendly Choice

Most fire ant treatments are also damaging to pollinators like honeybees and helpful critters like earthworms. The product we use – Topchoice – keeps both pollinators and worms safe while getting rid of harmful fire ants. 
Managing fire ants and other insects is more than just applying treatments; it requires a comprehensive strategy backed by expertise. With Treppendahl Landscape, you have access to professional-grade products and a knowledgeable team committed to maintaining the health and beauty of your yard. If you’re dealing with fire ants or other pests, don’t hesitate. Call us today at 225-405-1816 for a consultation. Let’s protect your yard together so you can enjoy your outdoor living space without worry.

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