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The Best Low-Maintenance Plants and Shrubs

Having a stunning garden doesn’t necessarily mean spending countless hours on maintenance. You can achieve a vibrant and low-effort landscape with the proper plant selection. Here’s how to craft an eye-catching flower bed in Baton Rouge using some of the easiest shrubs to maintain.

1. Vintage Jade Distylium

One of our favorite low-maintenance plants, Vintage Jade Distylium, grows quickly, stays low (about 2 feet tall), and spreads well. This evergreen gives an excellent texture year-round and is perfect for adding a point of interest to the front of your beds. Additionally, Vintage Jade Distylium provides plenty of shade, which helps significantly reduce weeds!

2. Dwarf Palmetto

This native beauty stands out with its unique fan-shaped leaves, requiring minimal care. Dwarf Palmetto is ideal for adding a touch of the tropics to your garden while keeping maintenance low.

3. Giant Ligularia

With its bold leaves and striking flowers, Giant Ligularia is a low-maintenance plant that brings drama and color to any space, thriving with minimal intervention.

4. Lantana

Lantana’s drought resistance and vibrant flowers make it a superb choice for easy-care gardens, adding a splash of color without needing constant attention.

5. Ornamental Grasses

Adding texture and movement, ornamental grasses are a fantastic, low-maintenance option for any garden, thriving in various conditions and requiring little care. We especially like Adagio grasses and Dwarf Hamelin, which both stay a reasonable size. 

6. Flax Lily

Known for its durability and appealing foliage, the Variegated Flax Lily is an excellent addition to gardens, offering beauty with minimal maintenance demands. 

7. Drake Elm Tree

For those looking for a low-maintenance tree, the Drake Elm is a fast-growing and adaptable choice, providing shade and character with little upkeep.

Treppendahl Landscape can help you design a low-maintenance garden that doesn’t sacrifice beauty. Specializing in easy-to-maintain landscapes, we offer personalized services to create a garden that fits your lifestyle. Contact us at 225-405-1816 for a garden you can enjoy throughout the year with minimal effort.

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