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Reviving Your Lawn After a Tough Drought: Baton Rouge Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Tips & Tricks: Reviving Your Lawn After a Tough Drought

In the aftermath of a season of relentless drought, your lawn might show signs of distress. Lawns in desperate need of recovery after facing significant challenges are not a lost cause. Treppendahl Landscape, your trusted landscaping company in Baton Rouge, is here to guide you through some strategic measures to revive your lawn’s health and vibrancy.

Essential Steps for Lawn Recovery:

1. Aeration for Breathable Roots:

Combat soil compaction by opting for core aeration. This process allows the roots to breathe, promoting better absorption of nutrients and water. Treppendahl Landscape offers liquid aeration as a standard and core aeration as an add-on for lawns struggling with compaction.

2. Topdressing with Compost:

Give your lawn a nutrient boost by topdressing with compost. This enriches the soil, providing essential organic matter and promoting a healthier environment for thriving grass.

3. Re-sodding Troubled Areas:

Identify patches that succumbed to the drought and consider re-sodding. Treppendahl Landscape’s experts can assess the extent of the damage and provide tailored solutions, ensuring your lawn recovers its lush green carpet.

4. Continue Deep Watering:

Until your lawn goes entirely dormant, usually after the first freeze, continue deep watering. This is crucial to sustain the roots and prepare your lawn for the upcoming growing season.

If you are looking for Lawn Care Near Baton Rouge; contact Treppendahl Landscape. When you partner with us to transform your lawn after a drought, you get local expertise and holistic science-based solutions that result in a vibrant and resilient greenspace. Call Treppendahl Landscape at 225-405-1816 for expert lawn service in Baton Rouge. 

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