Landscape Lighting


Why Go LED?

Sustainable/Efficient: they use 80% less energy than Halogen


Adds Depth to Landscape


Additional Security/Visibility: in Yard at night


Low Maintenance cost/time: bulbs last 10X LONGER, 30,000 to 50,000 hours LED,  (2,000-5,000 for halogen), plus we offer 5 year BULB WARRANTY.


Temperature: halogen much warmer, more susceptible to burnout of bulbs, fixtures, burning plants


Warranty/Replacement:  fixtures warrantied from 15 years to lifetime, halogen are usually 1 year or less


What kind of kind of fixtures do you use?  

Our favorite are a brand called DAUER. They are German made, bronze, and very durable yet beautiful.  The bulbs have a 5 year warranty, the fixtures a 15 year warranty. We have a display setup that showcases our favorite fixtures that we would be happy to show you in person.  We also install KICHLER, FX, and a few other brands if you a preference.


How much does it usually cost?

This depends, but a typical system is going to run $1800-$5000 depending on what you want lit. Lighting up big Live Oaks is our favorite, however these fixtures are little more than smaller lights for paths or smaller trees.


Do you install lights up in the trees shining down?

Absolutely, this is called “moonlighting” or downlighting. We can rent lifts and get up in large oak trees or other trees to install these. It creates a really aesthetically incredible affect. 


What about the lights with the “hats” on them that go around pathways?

Yes indeed! These are called path-lites. These are our favorite. They add a nice ambience to pathways, entrances, ect.


What if I want to upgrade from Halogen to LED? Can you do this?

Yes indeed. Sometimes we can salvage wire, fixtures, and transformers to save a little $. We will do whatever we can to make sure your lighting needs are properly cared for?


What if y’all come install lights and then one goes out?  

We offer a one year service warranty, and will be glad to come back in a flash to make necessary adjustments to make sure your system is 100% operational.


Will my yard look like an airport all lit up?

No indeed! The beauty of LED is subtlety.  Its about accenting certain things, and letting others fall into the background. Sometimes a nice wall wash can paint a hedge perfectly in the background, with a large oak standing out in the front as the accent piece.


How do I get started?

Just click on the contact us button and fill out a couple details, or call our office, 225-405-1816, and we will promptly respond to you, setup a consultation, and get you a free quote.


Our Testimonials

I was very pleased with the work and quality of the plantings. Treppendahl’s is a really good landscaping company. We use the for landscaping and maintenance and lawn health.

Judy S.

The best landscape crew in Baton Rouge, you cannot match their service and commitment to doing the right thing for their customers.

Mark Z.

They did an amazing job in transforming our yard. We appreciated how they worked to make this happen in time for an event scheduled at our house. We will definitely be using them again.

Janet D.

I love my new flowerbeds by Treppendahls! They did a great job selecting the right plants and the installation was quick!

Rebecca H.

Very pleased with the work done at my home and price was reasonable.

Shannon K.

Very impressed with both the professionalism of Treppendahl Landscape as well as the quality of the work they do. Highly recommend them.

Eric W.

Pretty big project at our place, and excellent results from the Treppendahl team. Timely service, good attention to detail.

Chris S.

My grass has never looked better! I am very impressed with the quality, professionalism, and value that Treppendahl Landscaping has provided. I highly recommend this company.

Patricia C.

Great company, our beds in our backyard look amazing!!

Alison B.

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